the future

A billion people country, a 600 Billion US $ plus GDP and booming stock markets, if there is one country you should never even think of ignoring when it comes to new business opportunities, it is undoubtedly India. When people around the world were thinking of its population as its major setback, people in India and China seem to have reversed the story by emerging as large economies of large people.

If this amounts for enough reason why any company can find enough potential in India to jump in and make big bucks, there is more than enough reason for our IS players from around the world to set their stalls in India. When we talk about people, we do talk about information, as the ever increasing number of people bring with them the ever increasing need organizing and maintaining information, primarily what IS takes care of.

Let’s talk about the government. As you may doubt, countries such as India, China along with almost all third world  countries are having poorly managed government functioning. So what does an intelligent IS firm do? identify the problem, convince the bureaucrats and get the dollars flowing. Something Oracle has been doing in India for quite some time through its e-Governance Centre of Excellence partnered by other large multinational and local conglomerates such as HP, Redhat, Sify etc.

As common economic sense would say, growth only leads to more growth. In this context, as more foreign investors and players would come, both the local and international communities are the winners.


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