What “OS” are you?

It all began when the genius “Steve’s” at Apple came out with the idea of personal computing. They challenged the “Altair”, went past it to lead the personal computer market. Of course then, you may wonder, what makes Bill Gates the richest guy in the world with his Windows OS : the most popular operating system amongst masses. Wasn’t it supposed to be the Mac?

To answer that you got to watch this amazingly informative movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)”. Not only it packs the Apple – Microsoft story in less than 2 hours, it gets to tickle your funny bone too while casting good lookalike’s of Gates, Wozniak, Ballmer, Jobs etc.

And if you really can not get it or are out of some cool money to buy it (I am not suggesting Limewire or Ares or Torrent trackers ;p), go search Wikipedia over the history of Apple computer and Microsoft. Not only it is immensely informative to read through, it is “inspirational” to see how the story of personal computing has been created.

And of course, only after watching it you will get the point Jobs failed to:

Jobs : My operating system is better than yours
Gates: Why don’t you understand Steve, It’s not about that!


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